The Walking Dead or World War Z?

I want to start off this blog post with a health note. Please be careful at the time. Since the pandemic, I am asking everyone to be wary of your surroundings and the hygiene areas that there are. Many have been hospitalized or in other conditions, sometimes worse. I just want everyone to be cautious and stay alert.

Now there has been posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about which zombies would people want if there is an Apocalypse. Everybody prefers zombies from the hit TV show, The Walking Dead. Those zombies seemed easier to kill than World War Z zombies. Regardless of if they were easier to kill or not, this was a greater option because of the the World War Z zombies seemed smarter than The Walking Dead. Though both the flick thrillers created controversy about which would be better to fight.

All Zombies are mostly the same. They follow sound and they most likely have to bite to get infected easily. There are quite a few similarities between the movie and show but overall the dead rising is the main focus. The biggest difference is the speed at which both type of zombies operate on getting a meal. World War Z zombies are super fast and it does not help that they are smart and has brain cells still roaming around. Their minds are still at work as they work together to build a pyramid to get over a wall that was put into place to keep them out. These zombies work together to accomplish their goals.

The Walking Dead zombies are just as lethal as World War Z zombies and as aggressive too. If you cannot outrun a TWD zombie than something must be wrong because the only way they can really get you is if you are closed in with them or if someone is injured. Even though there are more zombies than from The Walking Dead and World War Z, these two were the main focus today. Everyone knows how zombies are if you watched any, they are very fascinating as well. There are hundreds of zombie films and shows that are great to watch.

What are your thoughts on the battle of zombies? Who would be your first choice to fight off? Leave comments if you have any questions.

Wrong Turn 1-6

If I had to recommend a great Thriller/Horror/Slasher film to binge watch, Wrong Turn would be at the top of the list. The gore that is shown in these films are kind of like no other but are still scary to watch. From the first Wrong Turn (2003) where 5 innocent people were killed, the movies just go on from there.

I personally like these movies and I hope there are some others that find them interesting as well. The decisions that are being throughout all completed 6 Wrong Turn movies, are regular thoughts that many people would have in the situations that were shown. From Jumping out of a burning watch tower to rather dying in the snow than be killed by the ” Cannibal Freaks”. The mindset that the people have are just instincts that come along when they get stuck in the killer film. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)

All of the Wrong Turns, seem to take place at different times and in different places. Though there are 6 completed films, none of the action seemed to have any truth to it what so ever. For the scenes that are shown, it might be raining in a forest, snowing and being stuck in a abandon hospital, hot enough for hiking, or even some nice weather for a holiday festival in general (Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines).

There is a lot that I can say about all the movies because the movies shows an image of cannibalism and what it may look like. Individually these are fun to watch, but by binge watching them all together, they make for a great night of horror. So far, I mentioned the must watched ones because they are really good. That does not take away the horror or thrill from the others. Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead, Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings, and Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort are all special and recommended films in there own way. I know I say that the first or originals are the best ones that are created, I am definitely sticking to that mindset. There is talk about Wrong Turn 7: Last Hunt being created and all I can do is hope they make one.

Here is a link to purchase them on Amazon if you’d like;

Happy Death Day

Happy Birthday everyone who was born in March. I am making this film review because it was surprisingly a good film that really shows humor. This Thriller film really put life into perspective and gave a sense to different ways that life can end instantly and kind of can make you regret life decisions. I have watched this movie multiple times and with the second Happy Death Day 2 came out, the plot gets more interesting.

The college student Tree, short for Theresa ‘Tree” Gelbman, was born on September 18th, the same day as her mother. They do not give us any more information on her age but we can instantly tell that she is in her early life stages since she is in a college university. Jessica Rothe, really played the part for this film and the sequel Happy Death Day 2U that was released in 2019.

Both movies offer a comedic vibe to the stalker like view that is being set in place. Tree, wakes up and keeps living the same day over almost 17 times, until she finally unmasks her killer. Each time she wakes up, she tries a new pattern to find her killer but as she dies and relives the day, the impact of the deaths are catching up with her and she ends up in the hospital when a doctor, sees an X-ray showing that she should have been dead because of the scarring tissue where she got killed before.

This movie was really a plot twist because who killed her was not the suspect at first but should have been a major guess. Tree’s roommate Lori, that really does not like Tree and who was played by Ruby Modine uses a serial killer John Tombs, played by Rob Mello as a scapegoat to her plan to get Tree killed. Imagine reliving your death multiple times because someone wants to be around you when they don’t really like you and has it out for you. It doesn’t stop being painful but it is tedious and time consuming.

Overall the movie was really great and funny to watch, if you constantly die, you make new choices each time and start trying to make it not the worst feeling in the world. As Tree gets back up after dying, she starts changing decisions and starts seeing herself for what she really is. She was mean to most people and a complete B*tch and changed that about herself. I am sure that if that happens to anyone, they would change themselves as well, most for the better and maybe a couple for the worst because it can really start getting to you. I am currently watching Happy Death Day 2U and I can finally see the action in round 2.

Supernatural Recommendation

Supernatural first aired in 2005 with funny moments, heart to hearts, and of course the killings of ghost. The show is action packed and thrilling. Following the Winchester brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), the show portrays a great story line from the beginning and onward.

Losing their mother (Samantha Smith) at a young age to a demonic force that caused a fire to than losing there dad to the same demon many years later, really took a tole on the 2 brothers. Overall the show is great and really is a must watch series. From the Yellow-Eyed demon, to the Angel Castiel, and to Lucifer the show just keeps moving forward and gets better each season.

As the two boys grow up to be men, they learn from their father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and follow in his footsteps. The monsters, demons, angels, and even Lucifer himself that Sam and Dean face on the road are scary and interesting but they seem to always overcome those obstacles. The obstacles that they can’t seem to overcome is their personal issues with one another.

Finding out new information about their past, lying to each other, and withholding information from one another is why the obstacles between the boys never stops. Expect the unexpected when watching this show because a lot of things that you do not think are going to happen does. I am not trying to give much of the show away because I do not want to spoil it but if anyone has watched it before, this is a show that you have to actually sit and watch because if you don’t pay attention, you will miss something very important. I am currently Binge watching the series and I am not disappointed.

As a conclusion for the post about Supernatural, the show takes scary dreams, stories and legends and explore them. Besides the demonic forces, there are a lot of great actress and actors that you could instantly take a liking to. For example Bobby Singer (Jim Beavers), he plays a second father figure for the two boys. A character that you will have mixed feelings about is Ruby (played by two different characters). Also, there is a character that will piss you off every time you see them, Bela Talbot (Lauren Cohan). All characters play a special and specific part to the plot and series. This is a highly recommended show. All seasons are available for view on Netflix.

Netflix Horror Recommendations

Netflix has some great original films, some scary and some not, but regardless there are always a good movie that can scare the crap out of you. One that I would continue to recommend everyone to watch is, Veronica. There are more great movies that are on Netflix that can be good for a scary movie night. There are also some TV shows that would be great for binge watching on Halloween.

1: The Autopsy Of Jane Doe (2016)

When a father and son duo, get a corpse (Olwen Kelly) to do an autopsy on, they find themselves getting closer to something they shouldn’t. The whole film is about them working in a morgue and though the movie has predictable scenes, it is still a good film. In the movie, Jane Doe has no information but they autopsy on her regardless. The are multiple warnings that happen as they work on her and the duo never heed the warnings and continue to work until some people die.

2: Hush (2016)

When the movie starts off, it is very quite because Maddie (Katie Siegal) is shown to be deaf. I never really understood what purpose Man (John Gallagher Jr.) had of trying to kill her. The movie was simple but still had some action and plot twist of how you thought it would have ended. I do recommend watching it just to say you watched it because it is a good movie, but it would have been good if they explained what Man reason was of trying to kill her.

3: In The Tall Grass (2019)

If you run out of movies to watch like I did, than In the Tall Grass would be a good option. It does have a familiar scary movie actor from Insidious (Patrick Wilson) who still plays that possession role. This entire movie takes place in the grass that lures people in. Once you are in the grass there is kind of no escape and everything just goes in a loop for more people to get trapped inside.

4: The Silence (2019)

Now there has been a lot of controversy about The Silence and A Quiet Place. For both you are not able to make any loud noises if you want to survive and both families have ran away from home. I believe both are great films but today we are focusing on Netflix, The Silence. This film has a great plot and a really good ending regardless of who died. It was kind of sad how some people died and the plot twists are really amazing. They found out something new about their daughter who is deaf and is almost sacrificed for a cult.

5: Resident Evil Afterlife (2010)

The only Resident Evil that is on Netflix is the Afterlife. These movies are amazing and everyone says the original one is the best one, that is not the case for this film. All Resident Evil’s from the first one to the the Final Chapter are amazing and a must watch film. Zombie movies are a soft spot for me because the way you can kill a zombie is fascinating. Also, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is a great actress as well and super bad ass in all of the 6 films. (All Resident evil’s are my favorite but Resident Evil: Apocalypse is the top one)

6: Final Destination (2000)

There are five Final Destination movies and all are absolutely crazy but action packed. Surviving death is a one time thing in all movies but regardless the end result for the characters is death. The Final Destination series concept is different ways that death uses to kill groups of people who avoided death the first time. I was confused when watching the movies because I did not know if the character that helped everyone escaped death had vision powers but it was explained that death magic created a loop. (Confusing movie but still great and there is four of the films on Netflix)

7: Train to Busan (2016)

Again I am pretty sure every one loves zombies, but in case that you don’t, this movie is a must watch film. Though the movie is in Korean, subtitles are a big help on Netflix even if they do not match the actual words sometimes, we all get context clues. This movie takes place in the train system and with all the running and crowds, the dad and his daughter make sure they keep safe to get to a city with no zombies.

Netflix has some great films that you can watch or add to your list for safe keeping. There are also some great TV shows that you can stream as well like Supernatural or even Stranger Things. I know scary movies and shows are so cool to watch and very interesting. What TV shows or movies do everyone like to watch? Would anyone like to see any other genre besides horror once in a while? Please let me know your thoughts and answers.

The Killer Dolls, Toys, & Puppeteers

Who Likes Dolls?

Dolls and puppets are kind of scary and you might not look at them the same way ever again. Have you ever been to a store or house and there were dolls or even teddy bears there and you felt off? These movies might explain why you have. Murderous toys trying there hardest to kill you because of their own reasons will make you scared just from the thought. If you have not had a nightmare before watching them, you might have one after.

1: Dead Silence (2007)

Starting with one of my favorite puppet movies. A plot twist is a great way to explain this James Wan movie, Dead Silence. After receiving feedback from a young boy and being humiliated, a ventriloquist named Mary Shaw and a dummy named Billy terrorized the little boy and his generation for revenge because of the shame she felt when she was called a fake.

2: SAW (2004-2010)

James Wan’s story that was good to watch as a movie is, SAW. Another puppet named Billy was shown not just in the movie SAW but had a clip in Scary Movie 4 as well. SAW is the only movie that has a Jigsaw killer who’s vicious ways and games he plays scares me a little more than seeing the actual puppet and his tricycle. I do not watch them most of the time because they are a little weird, confusing, and hard to keep track of but has a good beginning scene of why Jigsaw was created.

3: Puppet Master (1989)

Blade as shown in the image above, with a knife and a hook with a smile plastered on his face was “secretly” the leader of the little puppets group and one of the craziest in the film Puppet Master by David Schmoeller. Blade, Tunneler, Six Shooter, Pinhead, Jester and Ms. Leech were all caged in a museum exhibit until the box was opened and they were released. Though they have special abilities, the curse of the Egyptians possessed the dolls.

4: Annabelle (2014-2019)

She looks innocent but we all know she is far from it. Annabelle from The Conjuring, films Annabelle, and even the funny movie A Haunted House 2 was not a porcelain doll but actually a Raggedy Ann Doll. I do believe in other worlds, ghosts, and possessions and with that being said, this doll is known to be possessed but taken to a secure location by Ed and Lorrain Warren. (I love reading about the two great paranormal investigators. They have a great history.)

5: Child’s Play, The Bride, & The Seed (1988-2019)

Hilarious and nerve-wracking is a great way to describe the grown man who dies and goes into a doll but then wants to be a real boy again. All Chucky films since Child’s Play was released in 1988, are funny but I definitely recommend watching the Seed of Chucky for all the laughs. Chucky is portrayed as a scary doll who kills anyone who gets in his way to becoming human again but starting a family is the last thing he really wanted. Either way, Chucky, his bride Tiffany, and their son/daughter Gentle Glen are all crazy killers in their own way.

6: The Boy (2016)

Next, we have another one of my favorite porcelain dolls. Personally, this is a great movie and with The Boy 2 coming out this year, 2020, I believe both are going to be fun to watch. Though I have watched this movie around 60 times since it came out in 2016, and it is predictable, the movie can never get old to me. The Boy is not a scary film but is odd because Brahms is not a bad doll but is a bad human boy. No matter how you feel about something, do not downplay it because you never know if something bad is going to happen.

7: Poltergeist (1982)

The last puppet we have is another clown but different than the one that was on last week’s blog. Many probably know him from Scary Movie 2 when he was under the bed but he was actually thought of in the original movie Poltergeist from 1982. This unusual clown from Steven Spielberg’s story was possessed by the same spirits that were trying to take Carol Ann away. In the 7 possession blog from last week, I actually spoke about the poltergeist and the clown doll that likes to torment the children. Some people that have watched the movie before will understand that the clown was one of the scary objects in the film.

What are your thoughts on some of these movies? Does anyone else believe that Annabelle is real or have watched these movies and had nightmares? I like ventriloquism and it is fun to watch now that I am older but when I was around 12, I had watched Dead Silence for the first time, and I was skeptic about dolls for a while after seeing that movie. I do want to see a real ventriloquist doll now but where to look? Have anyone else had or seen one?

7 Best Possession Movies

The Takeover

Becoming possessed is a scary thing but I guess you could say very interesting to watch happen, but only on television. The best part about watching the possession movies I would say is learning how to unpossess people. There are many movies that will have you on the edge of your seat wondering how in the hell can people get possessed? Though it is something that I consider common, definitely in the 10 movies today, the weary question remains, how many people were actually possessed before?

1: The Exorcist

Starting off with, “the devil himself”, in the 1973 film, is The Exorcist. Being created off a true story from 1949, this movie can freak you out more each time you watch it. A 12-year-old girl playing with an Ouija board turns into letting the devil in to possess Regan MacNeil. This movie is considered a classic but it is also a must watch film. We all know what can happen when playing with a board but I guess there are still some people who do not heed the warnings.

2: BOO

If you hate clowns, you are going to hate them even more in this 2005 film BOO. Though this is not a clown based movie, the possession is still happening with dolls, clowns and humans. Have you ever heard of a haunted hospital? Of course you have and there is always a floor that is off limits for a good reason and in this film you will see why you should not break the rules and go to, lets say the 3rd floor. Halloween night is supposed to be full of scary stuff but not killer horror, literally.

3: Insidious

The first Insidious was released in 2010. Having a hard time trying to find the scariest element in this movie? Was it the lady that is shown in the image above, the man that stays in the corner of the room, or the creature with the red face that was in part one and three? Yes, there is more than one insidious that can scare the pants off you. Between the five insidious’s choosing the scariest one is between the top three but they are all really good.

4: Verónica

Verónica was originally released in 2017 and as I said before some people have not learned to not play with an Ouija board. The movie would flat out scare someone who does not watch scary movies all the time. To me the movie was absolutely amazing and even though the movie was in Spanish, subtitles really do come in handy. The possession that was shown in this movie made me so sad for the real family of  Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro that died in 1991 after using an Ouija board. (Also, her little brother is adorable in this movie. Overall amazing.)

5: Poltergeist

“RUN TO THE LIGHT CAROL ANN”, I know most of us have heard that quote before and if not, definitely watch Poltergeist. Who has ever heard of getting possessed by a television? Anything is possible with the paranormal. This 1982 film caused a lot of controversy when it came out. The discussion with this movie, was if there was a real haunting. After the movie came out, four actors died. The background of Poltergeist,when doing research on the movie tells a lot. I would give this a 5/5 star rating.

7: An American Haunting

I really love when movies are based on true stories like An American Haunting. This movie takes place along Tennessee’s Red River in the early 19th century. The film was released in 2005 but is based on The Bell Witch who is known to be the only supernatural being in US History where a spirit caused the death of a man. An American Haunting can be described as one of those movies where if you lose focus for a second than you might get confused but other than that, great movie.

8: The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I love movies that are based on real life incidents like the one shown above. The Exorcism of Emily Rose is a true event and though the movie was released in 2005, the actual film was based on the story of Anneliese Michel. The movie explains more but the original event took place in 1976 which led to the death of a German girl. The movie shows the actions that were taken in trying to, “unpossess”, Emily Rose who was not even possessed but in fact suffering from a mental illness.

Now we all know how seeing ghost and watching stuff move is scary but losing control of yourself because of something that you cannot see is way scarier. These are some great movies to watch for horror because it really puts the excitement in Halloween. Do you have any specific movies that you watch for a fun night of fear?

5 Scary Movies That Piss You Off

Seen & Unseen Horror

There are thousands of movies that make people mad and I am no different with getting angry at certain parts throughout movies. Tripping over air, killing the wrong person, or getting another person killed trying to help other characters are some things that make me mad. Movies like the ones I am going to mention today are some that will piss you off royally.

1: See No Evil 1 & 2

Starting with the first movie today which is See No Evil. Round of applause for this movie that was first created in 2006 with Kane, (WWE Superstar), who portrays to be an isolated maniac that goes on a killing spree when a group of trivial criminals arrive at an abandoned hotel to get some time removed off their sentence. Almost everyone in the hotel was killed but a few made it out alive. The part that made me mad in the first movie was the fact that there is one character that wants to be ignorant and do what they want instead of thinking of others which than can lead to other people dying. Another way that both the main and sequel movie pissed me off is the fact that when people have an escape route or perfect time to get away, they never take it or they want to wait for other people with dumb ass ideas and they all get killed. Trailer 1 & 2

2: Dawn Of The Dead

Next are the zombies?! Come on everyone serious question, who doesn’t like zombies? I mean if you have never played Call Of Duty with Zombies as a kid, I highly recommend trying that. Though Dawn Of The Dead is not the same as COD, zombies will forever be fun to kill or watch get killed. The thing that will not be fun with games and especially in movies is the bullshit that characters do when they get attached. Everyone kind of knows that when there is a zombie apocalypse, do not get attached to other people because those relationships might cause you to die. This 2004 film literally had stupid questions being asked throughout the whole movie. “What’s going on?”, I mean like, what the hell do you think is going on? People getting bit on the neck or arm and becoming zombies, I personally believe that is self explanatory in my mind. Overall this is a zombie classic and a good movie to check out. Trailer

3: Laid To Rest & Chromeskull: Laid To Rest 2

Last but not at the very least of this blog is Laid To Rest which was released in 2009 starring a women who goes by the name Princess. This movie already started off kind of interesting because who wakes up in a casket with a head injury and is not able to remember anything? This movie was very odd when I first watched it but as I watch it more, I would recommend Chromeskull over Laid To Rest. Most of the times, I usually like the originals but with this movie in particular, I would have to choose the second as best. In the first movie princess just seemed really slow and as I mentioned before, getting other people killed is really annoying to me. I would say guess how many people ended up getting killed because of this princess girl in the first movie alone but I want to tell you. Six people died because of the foolery that was happening with princess and her carelessness and being clueless. The second movie she ended up getting killed and I am not going to lie, I was happy because some people that had died in the first movie shouldn’t have been sacrificed. I believe another reason why I liked part two better is because of the competition. Trailer 1 & 2


I personally still like these movies but I would not just watch them on a regular bases like I do with other movies. There are some movies that you can watch repeatedly and the movie still be as good as the first one but those five were not apart of those movies. “Why and How?”, is like a question that is always on the tip of my tongue when watching movies. I really would like other peoples thoughts on those movies and maybe you will have a different opinion from me but seriously, no one can say that out of those five movies that people were not acting brainless most of the time.

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