Netflix Horror Recommendations

Netflix has some great original films, some scary and some not, but regardless there are always a good movie that can scare the crap out of you. One that I would continue to recommend everyone to watch is, Veronica. There are more great movies that are on Netflix that can be good for a scary movie night. There are also some TV shows that would be great for binge watching on Halloween.

1: The Autopsy Of Jane Doe (2016)

When a father and son duo, get a corpse (Olwen Kelly) to do an autopsy on, they find themselves getting closer to something they shouldn’t. The whole film is about them working in a morgue and though the movie has predictable scenes, it is still a good film. In the movie, Jane Doe has no information but they autopsy on her regardless. The are multiple warnings that happen as they work on her and the duo never heed the warnings and continue to work until some people die.

2: Hush (2016)

When the movie starts off, it is very quite because Maddie (Katie Siegal) is shown to be deaf. I never really understood what purpose Man (John Gallagher Jr.) had of trying to kill her. The movie was simple but still had some action and plot twist of how you thought it would have ended. I do recommend watching it just to say you watched it because it is a good movie, but it would have been good if they explained what Man reason was of trying to kill her.

3: In The Tall Grass (2019)

If you run out of movies to watch like I did, than In the Tall Grass would be a good option. It does have a familiar scary movie actor from Insidious (Patrick Wilson) who still plays that possession role. This entire movie takes place in the grass that lures people in. Once you are in the grass there is kind of no escape and everything just goes in a loop for more people to get trapped inside.

4: The Silence (2019)

Now there has been a lot of controversy about The Silence and A Quiet Place. For both you are not able to make any loud noises if you want to survive and both families have ran away from home. I believe both are great films but today we are focusing on Netflix, The Silence. This film has a great plot and a really good ending regardless of who died. It was kind of sad how some people died and the plot twists are really amazing. They found out something new about their daughter who is deaf and is almost sacrificed for a cult.

5: Resident Evil Afterlife (2010)

The only Resident Evil that is on Netflix is the Afterlife. These movies are amazing and everyone says the original one is the best one, that is not the case for this film. All Resident Evil’s from the first one to the the Final Chapter are amazing and a must watch film. Zombie movies are a soft spot for me because the way you can kill a zombie is fascinating. Also, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is a great actress as well and super bad ass in all of the 6 films. (All Resident evil’s are my favorite but Resident Evil: Apocalypse is the top one)

6: Final Destination (2000)

There are five Final Destination movies and all are absolutely crazy but action packed. Surviving death is a one time thing in all movies but regardless the end result for the characters is death. The Final Destination series concept is different ways that death uses to kill groups of people who avoided death the first time. I was confused when watching the movies because I did not know if the character that helped everyone escaped death had vision powers but it was explained that death magic created a loop. (Confusing movie but still great and there is four of the films on Netflix)

7: Train to Busan (2016)

Again I am pretty sure every one loves zombies, but in case that you don’t, this movie is a must watch film. Though the movie is in Korean, subtitles are a big help on Netflix even if they do not match the actual words sometimes, we all get context clues. This movie takes place in the train system and with all the running and crowds, the dad and his daughter make sure they keep safe to get to a city with no zombies.

Netflix has some great films that you can watch or add to your list for safe keeping. There are also some great TV shows that you can stream as well like Supernatural or even Stranger Things. I know scary movies and shows are so cool to watch and very interesting. What TV shows or movies do everyone like to watch? Would anyone like to see any other genre besides horror once in a while? Please let me know your thoughts and answers.

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